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How to sleep smarter and better

In this fast pace Modern World, most of the city dwellers as well country dwellers face sleep problems. The sleep problems may be due to variety of reasons. It may be due to stress at work, overwork, family problems, financial problems, poor lifestyle, poor diet etc.

This sleep problems can lead to drowsiness and affect other facets of life and can pose and danger to your physical self. So you need to solve this problem immediately.

There are many ways you can solve this problem like going to bed at same time everyday and waking up everyday at the same time. Having proper diet before sleep. Avoid use of gadget just before sleep etc.

If you need more help for better and smarter sleep, click here for a smart guide to sleep smarter.


The most Important Songs.

Everyone of us has one song or the other dear to us. Mine are as below:

The first and the most important one is “Above all Kingdoms, Above all throne”- What a beautiful song to cherish-throughout life, the one important thing to remember always that God is above all. He is above all kingdoms and above all thrones, He is above all powers and above all treasures man has ever known. God was here before the world began. He is above all wisdom and above all the ways of man.

The second most important song to me is “Itni Shakti Hume De na Daata”- what a thoughtful song! Itni Shakti Hume de de na Daata Mann ka vishwas kamjor ho na- O Lord! do not give such great strength to us that our belief becomes weak.

Hum chale nek raste pe humse bhool kar bhi koi bhool ho na- Lead us on the right path so that we do not falter even by mistake.

Dur agyan ke ho andhere- Tu hume gyan ki roshni de- Let the darkness of ignorance wither away and the light of wisdom shine on us.

The third most important song for me is “Dekha Ek Khwab to Silsile hue-What a melodious song of the yester years – The Golden Era – The Bachan Era.Whenever I hear this beautiful song, I am transported back in memories to thosebeautiful years of Indian Hindi Cinema, feel live, tuning in to the song thewhole day.

Without songs our lives would be dull!

A place belongs to the one who claims it.

Surely everyone of us have one favourite place or location or spot where we feel like going to again and again and we get charged up.

Mine is a big black rock, sitting tightly besides a beautifully flowing stream originating from the highest hills of my native village somewhere to the farthest border of Dadra and Nagar Haveli,India surrounded on one side by vast fields of the village full of paddy crop during the monsoon  and empty with grazing cows during the summers and the other side with wild bushes.

Whenever I go the countryside to my village, I always make it a point to visit the beautiful spot and enjoy the serenity of the location.

Once there, I get lost in the sheer greenery of the nature, lying on the black rock,  I tend to forget the owes and hurries of city life. Here is the place I admire the most always and like to go again and again for Inspiration and relaxation of the mind.

The fields with the cows grazing with joy andthe lush green fields with the flowing spring of stream takes the mind to a joyous ride.

Surely  Heaven on the Earth!

Life from the Flip Side

Life from the Flip Side is a humble attempt to present thoughts and ideas of life in a way different than what we are used to in our daily life say in the matter of our way of perceiving things like Education, Way of living, Investing, the way we look out for or do our jobs for that matter our relationships with our fellow human beings or towards other creatures of this Universe or our attitude towards life.

It will be a humble attempt of this blog to put forth before its readers/followers a different view point not necessarily the traditional view point but a viewpoint which afterthought may be the right one.

We are so engrossed in the mundane traditional way of going about of the way of life that it seems that what everybody has been doing from generation to generation is the right way of going about in life, but when we take ourselves away from the mundaness of life and reflect on any matter from the 3600 perspective then we get to know the true meaning of life and a whole different Universe presents itself before us  to make the choices of life in an untraditional way.

Do read, follow and share the Blog Life from the Flip Side that dares to present the untraditional way of Living Life.

Options Trading Introduction.

Most of us are not aware of the various money making options available to us in the stock market. One such product is futures and options. Futures and options are part of sea of options available in the Derivatives Segment. Derivative products consist of Commodity derivatives, Futures, Options, Currencies etc… Among these product, options is the first way to go in the derivatives segment. Unlike futures, options buying do not require margins. An Investor/Trader can begin option trading in Index options like Nifty, Bank Nifty etc as these very liquid and comparatively cheap and provide good learning point for a beginner Trader.